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If you purchase a server from us, you will get native IPv6. Make a switch from IPv4 addresses to IPv6 today!

We try to automate most of our services so customer's experience with our hosting can only be the best.

FreeBSD consumes less memory per application compared to Linux. So you can run more applications on your vds.

Step-by-step tutorial on "How to become our customer?"

Choose the required package on the main page of VDS6.NET website.
Follow the “Sign up now” image next to the selected plan to go to the order form.
You may choose any package you like. You may change VDS hosting packege/plan anytime by adding a support ticket or going to VPS section of billing panel.

Step 1. Register.

Once you clicked “Sign up now” link, you will pass to the account registration form in the billing system - BILLmanager. If you already have an account, click the “I already have an account” link. Be accurate when filling out the form. Provide valid email address and information about yourself. We do not provide our services to anonymous clients!

Step 2. Virtual dedicated server order.

Once your account is activated, you will pass to the order form. If you closed it, you can return to the form from the “VPS” section, clicking the “New VPS” icon. The order form has several steps for you to provide required information to configure the server. Follow the instructions within the form. On the datacenter step, you may choose datacenter from dropdown list. On proceeding you will see the “Order confirmation” form. Depending on the selected configuration, the fields may vary. Check the “Pay now” box and click “Ready”.

Step 3. Pay for the order.

If you checked the “Pay now” box on the previous step, the following form will be displayed. If not, open the form in the “Orders” module by selecting the required order and clicking the “Pay for the order” icon. In the form you will be prompt to select a payer. There is only one payer in the drop-down menu. It is created basing on the information specified when adding a new account (step 1).

If you wish to order from another payer' account (individual or company), close the form, go to the “Payers” module to add a new payer. You can return to payment via the “Orders” module as described above. Once you selected the payer and payment method, the invoice will be generated. If you pay by any electronic payment method, you will pass to site of the corresponding payment system to pay the invoice.

Step 4. Virtual server activation.

Once the invoice is paid, the newly ordered server will be enabled automatically during the 15 minute period. If you use electronic payment method, the payment is processed immediately. If you feel like something went wrong, please open a support ticket from "Support" module of billing panel.

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