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If you purchase a server from us, you will get native IPv6. Make a switch from IPv4 addresses to IPv6 today!

We try to automate most of our services so customer's experience with our hosting can only be the best.

FreeBSD consumes less memory per application compared to Linux. So you can run more applications on your vds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can i get additional IPv4 for my VDS?

A: Yes.
For VDS/VPS plans in Netherlands IPv6 described here - Yes, you can get IPv4 IPs. Each IPv4 is 2$ a month.
For VDS/VPS plans in Netherlands IPv4/IPv6 described here - Yes, you can get IPv4 IPs. Each IPv4 is 2$ a month.
For VDS/VPS plans in Netherlands IPv4/IPv6 described here - Yes, you can get IPv4 IPs. Each IPv4 is 2$ a month.
For VDS/VPS plans in Moscow, Russia described here - Yes, you can get additional IPs. Each additional IP is 4$ a month.

Q: What is NOT going to work inside my VDS/VPS?

A: On OpenVZ VDS/VPS in Russia - Tun/tap/fuse/ppp interfaces, Proxy, any OpenVPN, PPTP... VPN setups are not going to work on servers. It's not that we do not want them to work, it's that our datacenter prohibits VPN and Proxy usage. For Tun/tap/fuse/ppp interfaces, any OpenVPN, PPTP you need to purchase OpenVZ VDS/VPS servers in Netherlands or any KVM VDS/VPS.

Q: Can I change a plan for KVM VDS/VPS?

A: No. You can not do it. We do not allow plan changes for KVM virtualization. In order to get a bigger or a smaller plan you need to buy a new VDS/VPS. It's also not possible to order additional disk space for KVM VDS/VPS.

Q: Why FreeBSD?

A: 1. FreeBSD consumes less memory per application compared to Linux. So you can run more applications on our 128MB VDS plan than on 256MB OpenVZ Linux VPS. This way our FreeBSD VDS/VPS with real swap acts more like Xen VDS/VPS.
2. We are using FreeBSD Jail virtualization technology, so we can only run FreeBSD.

Q: How do i order VDS hosting?

A: Please, use our Step-by-step tutorial. And if you still have any additional questions about your order or any pre-sale questions - open a support ticket from our billing system - BILLmanager

Q: What methods of payment do you accept?

A: It`s PayPal, Webmoney (Z), BitCoin, BTC, eCoin, Bank payments and many others! Automatic payments from our billing system only. Direct payments to our paypal or webmoney, without prior notification, that require by hand verification, will be subject to 5$ processing fee. 

Q: How do i open a support ticket or ask a sales question?

A: To open a support ticket, please register in our billing system BILLmanager, module "Support", Open tickets.


You can open a support ticket form by clicking the image showed below. Please be advised, that there are different support categories and different department is responsible for each category. Each department working hours vary and you will get your answer during department working hours.

New support ticket

Q: How long will it take to provision my server?

A: If you successfully pay your invoice, it will take 5-10 minutes to create your server, a little bit longer for KVM servers. Process is totally automated. You will receive an email containing all information about your VDS.

Q: How do I access VDS control panel - VEmanager?

A: All information about external vds control panel is available at VEmanager page of this website

Q: I received no email from you whatsoever. What is going on? How do i find out login details for my VDS?

A: First, make sure you provided us a working email address and if so, check your mail box spam folder. Second, if you still remember your login and password, enter the BILLmanager panel and change any of your settings there. Third, if you do not remember any of the above and not able to recover you password, simply email us. Fourth, to find out login details for your VDS, login to BILLmanager, go to "Services", than "VPS" and click onto "Welcome" message icon. There you will find all necessary details for your server.

Q: Where do you host your servers?

A: Currently we are hosting all our servers in Russia and Netherlands.

Q: What is going to happen if I do not pay the invoice?

A: First, your VDS will be stopped, and later deleted if you do not credit your account during the 7 day period. 

Q: Do you offer money back?

A: No. Due to the nature of business and payment gateway fees (fees are on us), all payments are final and non-refundable.

Q: Will I be able to set PTR for IPv4 and IPv6 IPs?

A: Yes for all locations but IPv6 IPs in Bulgaria. We are working to emplement PTR support for all locations.

Q: Could you please provide test IPs for locations?

A: Netherlands:, Russia:

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  • New location in Bulgaria


    Due to its’ unpopular demand we regret to inform that we are closing our Tomsk, Russia location and opening a new one in Sofia, Bulgaria. Right now we have servers covering most of Europe in Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine and Bulgaria.

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  • IPv4 VDS/VPS in Amsterdam


    Starting December 9th 2013 we are pleased to announce the launch of new OpenVZ VDS/VPS hosting offers in the heart of Europe and just steps from AMS-IX. We are now accepting orders for IPv4 VDS/VPS in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This service will be able to run Linux as many of our clients requested.

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